Reinventing the mobile charging experience

Helping Novelsys design and develop a demonstrator to raise funding on Kickstarter

The DYI massager

for neck and shoulders

Emergency Unit that speaks your language

Universal, intuitive, identifiable and easy-to-use emergency communication device

Padlocks just became smarter and sexier

World’s first Rhythm padlock with real-time break in alerts

Traffic Lights

for Singapore's Marina Bay area

Metro Fare Gates

Intuitive ergonomics for a smoother commute

Safety first

High security encrypted portable hard disk for Digisafe

One size fits all

Adjustable Eyewear make it possible to manufacture and distribute glasses with prescription lenses in large numbers

Measuring every stroke

The ultimate tennis performance sensor


for early cervical cancer detection

Best case scenario

Best volume to weight ratio thanks to a breakthrough shell manufacturing technique

Making Rapid Additive Manufacturing Truly Rapid

Design and Development of a 3D resin printer for the industrial sector

Aligned for growth, through branding and design

OTO Bodycare harnessed the power of branding and design to re-establish its position as the industry leader in relaxation, wellness and fitness products

Always keep track of your youngsters

Development of a demonstrator to help our client successfully through the startup funding phases


Ola Mini-Freezer: From first idea to delivery of 25 demonstrators in less than 4 months.

Sleek and shiny

Supporting Philips by creating a technical feasible product architecture for a new high-end luminaire

Inform, impress and inspire

Supporting Bosch in developing a breakthrought conferencing unit

OAE Hearing Screener

Next generation

Bye bye keys

Salto Clay: From first sketches till the delivery of finished products and brand within nine months

Full control on your energy consumption

Within 99 days, we created Aurum's corporate identity, product hardware, user interfaces, and apps under a unified, clear brand strategy

Developing a family

Coaxing Cleantools towards a new design language

More than just a game

Development of a serious gaming demonstrator that works and feels like a real laparoscopic instrument.