Best case scenario

The Inova suitcase truly delivers on Samsonite’s promise to supply travelers with cutting-edge, high-performance products. Our specialists created new possibilities by using a breakthrough shell manufacturing technique, resulting in a suitcase with the best volume to weight ratio in its class.

Brand promise

Samsonite has supplied travelers with cutting-edge, high-performance luggage for over a century. A household name for top-quality luggage, Samsonite offers a broad product portfolio that caters to a wide range of needs and tastes. With budget flights reshaping the horizon of air travel, Samsonite needed to adapt quickly to its customers’ increasing demand for luggage that offers maximum volume for minimum weight.

Unique Design

The design of the characteristic grooves in both sides of the case display a meticulous balance of design, manufacturability and functionality (strength and rigidity). This balance was achieved by our various experts. They identified and pushed certain boundaries, resulting in a breakthrough shell manufacturing technique never before seen in the industry. They used their experience to refine design details: from the ergonomic zipper tabs to the updated textile print of the inner lining. Above all, this product is superlight due to the innovative application of plastic.

“Best in Class”

This case was declared “Best in Class” in the volume versus weight ratio category for suitcases. Besides, the Samsonite Inova collection achieved the prestigious Red Dot Award thanks to its exceptional product design.

More Information

Samsonite Inova

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