“We are a product design consultancy and hardware incubator with offices in Singapore and The Netherlands”

“We are a product design consultancy and hardware incubator with offices in Singapore and The Netherlands”

Our Brand Story

We Are Perspective (WAP) Singapore started out in 2010 as Pezy Group’s Asia Pacific regional headquarters and design consultancy arm. Recognised as a consultancy with a distinctive edge, our insatiable drive to be the leading industrial design consultancy in the region sets us apart from other local and international classic design consultancies such as Ideo, Frog and McKinsey’s Lunar.

To enhance functioning, cost effectiveness and widen opportunities for intellectual property ownership, we grew our mechanical & tooling team organically in 2013 to meet the evolving demands of the market and to deliver our products more efficiently by managing the full NPI process.

In late 2015, we strategically expanded our team to include a software and hardware electronics team, to elevate our consultancy services for our clients, ensuring that each client has the best chance at success.

We were also invited by JTC to settle our nest in The Launchpad as a Hardware Accelerator to guide start-ups with their first minimum viable product through mentorships on branding, design, engineering, manufacturing and operations.

To date, we have accelerated over more than 300+ Government Bodies & GLCs, MNCs, SMEs and 30+ start-ups, with the fastest project we have conceptualized from ideation to manufacturing, spanning only 7 months.

Fast forward to the end of 2019, We Are Perspective acquired FIGS Inc., with the primary aim of launching our own brand of signature products. This goal is largely driven by the limitations that product trading has and our commitment to designing innovative and revolutionary products.

Pezy Group

Turning good ideas into great business

We Are Perspective is a part of the Pezy Group. Our large group of more than a hundred professionals, spread over five technical and creative offices, are the beating heart of our company and represent a wide variety of expertise and competence. We love our work and share the ambition to be the very best at what we do: creating meaningful and well-designed brands, products and equipment.