Integrating competencies

We deliver product strategy and design solutions, by fusing brand stories, business sense and technology into attractive products and compelling experiences

Industrial Design

Product Development


Hardware Incubation

Industrial Design

“We practise true collaboration in the disciplines of Brand Development, Product Strategy and Design for European / Asian markets, utilising our teams’ expertise on both sides of the globe”

Brand driven design

The best strategy is one you can show. From startups to multinationals we make vision tangible in clearly defined value propositions, authentic brand identities, carefully crafted positioning, and designing unforgettable service touchpoints, user interfaces, products, and animations. We call this total-touchpoint design, and we orchestrate each moment your customer connects to your brand for a total experience. We have the tailor-made collaborative tools to succeed together – in effective but and surprisingly fun energizing workshops. We pack this into a lean startup approach, to make the best strategy tangible, fast.

Exciting experience

By integrating business, brand, design, technology, and digital needs we create total solutions, taking our customers’ strategies and making them tangible by translating them into compelling products and experiences.

Product Development

"We focus on helping our clients all the way from idea until finished product"

Make it work - again and again

Innovations often require new functionality to be developed and implemented. We know how to translate functional concepts into feasible, viable and reliable products. Our in-house design engineers have profound experience in bringing the digital and physical world together with knowledge in mechanical development,  plastics engineering, electronics and embedded software function creation. They understand the difference between getting it right the first time, and making sure it never fails

Innovation accelerators

We possess all required knowledge, CAD/CAM/CAE tools and resources in-house. This allows us to quickly deliver on our promise: Reliable and robust solutions for a minimum total cost.


"Whatever the complexity of the prototype or trial series, we’ll manage all parties and integrate the components to make sure everything fits and works together well"

Demonstrators & Prototypes

To help validate the intended proposition at an early stage, allowing you to develop the right product fast and efficiently, good quality demonstrators and prototypes are essential.

We help you develop, built, test and improve prototypes, in order to capture and validate the intended consumer insight. By using our in-house assembly and electronics workshop and working together with top notch preferred suppliers, we deliver tangible solutions fast and efficiently.

Small series production & sourcing

When you need to get your innovation produced, we can support you from the first step all the way until the final implementation and delivery of your new product—and anywhere in between, in any way you wish. Whether its molds, tools, parts, modules or complete products, our international staff can help you find the right suppliers in Europe and Asia, and guide the industrialization until you are happy with your product and the way it is being produced.

With our offices strategically located in The Netherlands and Singapore, we have built up a network of trusted manufacturing partners, suppliers and distribution centers.

Hardware Incubation

“We support our startups with improving the feasibility, viability as well as the desirability of their products, so that they can accelerate their business development”

Your Incubator

We Are Perspective is able to turn great ideas into new business by fusing startups, multinationals and our 100+ Pezy Group specialists in an entrepreneurial environment.

For Hardware startups

Our specialism is in bringing the digital and physical world together. To help design and develop such products, you need a team that can interpret, ideate, mock-up, design and engineer in both the physical and digital domains. The process demands mastery of physical product design, its interface, electronics, front- and back-end software and service development.

We are one of the few incubator accelerator companies around with real experience to help tackle these integrated product challenges. With our track record of working for multinationals as well as SMEs and start-ups, we as no other know how to find the right approach for their challenge, deliver the right things at the right time, and accelerate their time to market.

Spring Singapore endorsed

Our Incubation Programme is closely connected to the Product Development Process. Our objective is to become a fast track for generating demonstrators and small series, so that our start-ups can put their attention on the go-to market of their new business.

Our Incubation Programme is designed for hardware start ups and consists of 3 elements:

1) We help you;

  • make project plan with go/no go  decision milestones, based on realistic  estimations for product development  steps and investments required for your   product validation and manufacturing.
  • with development of value proposition   & earning models for your sales & go-to-  market plan and cash and funding plan for next 1-2 years.
  • determine required funding and   connect to potential investors.

2) We provide office space & workshop facilities and our network for you to work with.

3) We support you with subsidised cost for design, development and prototyping services, provided under the Spring Prototyping Assistance Scheme.