ARI is developed as a handheld PRESIDIUM DIAMOND VERIFICATION INSTRUMENT® to help identify colourless diamond against CVD/HPHT lab grown colourless diamond and all types of moissanite.

Designed with precision

  • User-safe UV Retractable Optical Probe activates only when tip is in contact with the diamond
  • Alert Buzzer for loss of contact between optical probe tip and diamond during testing
  • A 6-Language selection in the Graphic User Interface (GUI)
  • Battery operated with stylish ergonomic design for portability and ease of use
  • Tests on colourless diamonds and moissanites from D to J colour
  • Catered for both left-handed and right-handed users alike

Faster process, better quality

We combine different disciplines into an efficient and effective development process. Together we make integral choices and offer ways to optimally implement the product development process. Right through from idea to finished product. We ensure that the right choices are made at the right time.

Presidium Inc

As the first company in the world to launch numerous gemological instruments, Presidium is committed to research and developing innovative instruments for the benefit of the industry.  Presidium Instruments Pte Ltd, incorporated in 1979,is the world’s leading manufacturer of gemmological instruments that test and measure diamonds and gems, for the diamond and gemstones industries.

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