Automated Passenger In-Car Clearance System (Tuas)

APICS is developed to automate immigration and security checks with minimum officer intervention. It leverages ICA’s existing biometric clearance platform, integrated with new automation, robotics, surveillance and wireless technologies to perform immigration self clearance for eligible car travellers.

Research & Design Strategy

Various interdisciplinary studies were carried out.

Example, robot semantics, market segmentation and field studies to understand the current immigration process.

Design & Development

Exploration of conceptualize ideas through understanding of functionality, ergonomics and usability of products. Process emphasizes heavily on the mechanical engineering, human factors, structural engineering and etc. for the feasibility of constructing the idea.

Full Turnkey Solution (9 months)

Detailed site marking along with road, safety and security specialist was carried out to ensure system implemented doesn’t affect road safety.  Ensuring the subsystems function together as a system, linking together various computing systems and software applications physically and functionally to act as coordinated whole. Realisation of concept design by constructing or fabricating design to scale.

Checkpoint 2.0

To reinvent checkpoint operations, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) leverages technology as an enabler to provide innovative solutions in the systems while facilitating timely immigration clearance without compromising
security. The automated passenger in-car clearance system (Apics) will enable eligible car travellers to perform automated immigration self-clearance using fngerprint verification. As such, ICA ofcers can be redeployed to conduct
checks on travellers posing higher risks.

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