Traffic Lights

Together with Singapore’s Land Transport Authority (LTA) we redesigned traffic lights for the Marina Bay vicinity to fit in better with the area’s iconic streetscape


Home to the luxurious Marina Bay Sands integrated resort and Gardens by the Bay; the Marina Bay area is one of the island’s most beautiful and prestigious districts and in order to match the landscape.

Clever designed

The new traffic lights are able to carry external equipment such as surveillance cameras, without the need to line extra cables on the poles, as is the case with existing traffic lights. They are also designed to prevent “unauthorised stickers” on their poles.




Purpose was to integrate them more with other streetlights and furniture. Challenge was to create a new fitting design yet not compromise any of the “functional requirements” of traffic lights.

Traffic Light design

We created a much flatter modular design, which does not require a hood against sun glare due to its special light guiding construction.

Also we improved the build up of the enclosure and the way the light-boxes are mounted onto the poles to reduce servicing and mounting downtime.

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