Aligned for growth, through branding and design

OTO Bodycare harnessed the power of branding and design to re-establish its position as the industry leader in relaxation, wellness and fitness products in Asia. By facilitating sessions with the senior management team, we helped OTO Bodycare align on a compelling shared brand vision.

Regaining market leadership

OTO wanted to regain market leadership in a changing industry. It recognized the opportunity to grow by investing in a unified brand and design. OTO’s mission is to improve the health of its customers by creating relaxation, wellness and fitness products that reflect its core values; effectiveness, innovation, affordability and reliability.

Brand framework

Together with the OTO management team, we created a brand framework to understand where OTO comes from, what their values are and why they do what they do. We generated insight into their brand positioning, product categories and consumer needs.

The whole package

We translated this into a clear brand essence, a new logo and unified design language. We provided OTO with clear examples and guidelines on how to use their new branding elements in all aspects of the company’s daily life, such as product development, shop design and working with vendors and suppliers.

Great success

We translated OTO´s ‘Balance Life’ brand promise into a unified product design language, new tagline, new identity and revamped flagship store interiors—all leading to over 50% growth in share value within the first year.

More Information

Branding and Design language

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