Padlocks just became smarter and sexier

InsightLock is the world’s first Rhythm padlock with real-time break in alerts. We Are Perspective Singapore supported Transformesh through the design, development and prototyping phase. Ready for crowdfunding!

Hassle Free Access

Forget about your keys. Now you can access your assets anytime, anywhere without having to carry a bunch of keys. With your Bluetooth 4.0 smartphone, you can manage your assets with ease and style. The History function allows you to monitor who has unlocked the Bluetooth padlock. Unlock your InsightLock with your smartphone or our proprietary Rhythm code technology.

Designer padlock built for versatility

InsightLock is designed and optimised for a variety of applications ranging from apartment security, bicycles, lockers, containers, trucks, etc. InsightLock redefines the look of padlocks with its unique curved surface.

More Information

Insight Lock

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