Metro Fare Gates

With their unique ergonomic design, the fare gates we designed facilitate easy entry and exit, ensure good lane discipline as commuters approach the gate, and help create a smoother flow of traffic in busy metro railway stations

Intuitive design

In urban mass rapid transit systems, fare gates are often used in two directions: for entering as well as exiting the stations. Our challenge was to improve the ergonomics of ST Electronics’ fare gates to guide passengers intuitively to the correct side of each gate, optimizing commuter flow in busy MRT stations. The fare gates we designed for ST Electronics won them a Singapore Good Design Award in 2014 and are currently being implemented in the Taiwan MRT.

Optimizing ergonomics

For the Mass Rapid Transit system (MRT) in Taichung, Taiwan, ST Electronics wanted to reexamine the way commuters use fare gates and optimize their ergonomics through design. We started by looking at anthropometric data, or measurements of the body dimensions of the region’s population. We identified key observations on how to direct commuters to the correct lane and incorporated these insights into the semantics and language of the fare gates.

Optimal comfort

We designed the entire shape of the fare gates with a left bias and gentle slope to present the interaction points to the user’s right side. The fare gates were crafted to ensure that screen angles minimize glare, and tap zones for electronic fare payment media are at a comfortable level.

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