Safety first

The Digisafe; a high security encrypted portable hard disk. We designed, engineered and prototyped the complete enclosure to test and optimize the product, and currently we are manufacturing and supplying the complete product with collaterals and packaging to customer in batches of 1,000 sets

Extra secure

These Encrypted Hard Disks are specially developed for specific government and military applications that require extra secure data protection. The Aluminum enclosure makes use of a capacitive touchscreen technology to activate the numeric PIN pad.


Smart card

The user also needs a personal smart card to unlock the device. In Digisafe the encryption is locked in the hardware, and not in the software, and therefore not possible to crack without the PIN and smart card.

Small batch production

We developed this product from initial sketch until production and currently deliver boxed end-products in batches of 500 – 1,000 pieces.

More information

Encrypted hard disk

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