Emergency Unit that speaks your language

Emergency on the train! No matter what language you speak, get help onboard instantly with ST Electronics’ Passengers’ Emergency Communication Unit (PECU), a universal, intuitive, identifiable and easy-to-use emergency communication device. We Are Perspective helped ST Electronics redesign their Passengers’ Emergency Communication Unit (PECU) for Singapore’s driverless MRT trains. It was awarded a Singapore Good Design Award in 2014.

Critical communications

Emergency communications devices onboard public transportation vehicles are an integral part of railway networks worldwide, both for manually driven and driverless passenger trains. These devices enable critical emergency communications between the train driver and/or control centre.


Speaks your language

In a multi-ethnic, international metropolis like Singapore, emergency communications devices within public transport vehicles have to speak for themselves to passengers of all nationalities. ST Electronics approached us to design a universally recognizable emergency communications devices for the Singapore mass rapid transit system (MRT), which is used by an ethnically diverse population.

Clever designed

When an emergency situation arises onboard a train, passengers need to be able to intuitively identify and use this emergency device easily. With this in mind, we designed the Passenger Emergency Communication Unit (PECU) to provide a dependable point of contact by using internationally understandable form-language. We combined the PECU’s fine aperture details with an overall outlook that resembles a traditional microphone. We also furnished it with a unique color combination to passengers differentiate it as an emergency device, and international symbols to ensure that they use it correctly.

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