Unique ergonomic design

Metro Fare Gates

The ultimate tennis performance sensor


Safety First


About us

We are a product design consultancy and hardware incubator with offices in Singapore and The Netherlands.

German Design Award for Qlipp

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Emergency Unit

That speaks your language

Our Amsterdam studio is now called Pezy Group

We Are Perspective Singapore

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Light it up

LTA Traffic Light

Reinventing the mobile charging experience

Novelsys Ampere

One Size Fits All

Adlens Adjustables

Winsemius High Tech Award

We Are Perspective Singapore

Hardware Incubation

Fusing startups, multinationals and our 100+ Pezy Group specialists in an entrepreneurial environment

Hearing Tester

Quinny Yezz

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From brand development and design to sourcing and industrialization

Aligned for growth

through branding and design


World’s first Rhythm padlock with real-time break in alerts

Sampling within the comfort and privacy of your own home